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Creativity Inc is committed to providing high quality services for individuals and their families.

As changes to the disability sector are introduced through the implementation of the NDIS, we are making changes to the way we deliver services and interact with our clients, their families and their community. Below are the underlying policies that govern our practices and services.

Our strategic direction

In 2014, the board and senior management team undertook a strategic planning process to examine where we were positioned and where we want to be in 2018 when the NDIS will be in full implementation. We developed objectives to focus our approach over the following 3 years to ensure we reach our strategic goals and continue to deliver a high standard of services to our clients and their families.

Each year, a one page summary of our Strategic plan is completed. A copy may be found here;

Our Philosophy and Approach

A key part of our approach in achieving individual client goals, objectives and outcomes is the integration of technology into our everyday service delivery. To this end, Creativity Inc partnered with Queensland based MYP Corporation to develop an innovative solution known as GOMS (Goals & Objectives Management System).

GOMS enables a series of goals to be created and matched to an individual’s activities and programs. By breaking these goals down into smaller objectives, an individual and their support staff may work together towards measurable (and reportable) achievements over time. Accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC in real time, GOMS is a powerful tool for clients, carers and staff alike in ensuring that time and effort is placed to where it can make the most difference in someone’s life.


Set, measure and achieve objectives

GOMS enables a series of goals to be developed and those goals are then matched to individuals and programs.
Individuals and their family can determine which goals they want to work on and how they go about achieving them through a range of specific objectives.

These objectives can be set for individual clients, easily measured every shift and updated as required.

For example:

GOMS uses a universal ‘Goal Attainment System’ that measures broad-based and task analysis style objectives.

Both quantitative and qualitative results are gathered, and outcomes and trends can be effectively tracked and reviewed.

This ensures no matter what program, activity or service is provided, clients, their family and the organisation obtain a true and holistic picture of what is being achieved in real time.

Our staff

All Creativity Inc staff members adhere to a Quality Code of Conduct.

This ensures Person Centred Practices and quality of service for our clients. To view our Quality Code of Conduct click on the link below:


NSW Disability Standards: these underpin the work we do

Rights: Each person receives a service that promotes and respects their legal and human rights and enables them to exercise choice like everyone else in the community.

Participation: Each person is encouraged and supported to contribute to social and civic life in their communities in the way they choose.

Individual Outcomes: Each person is supported to exercise choice and control over the design and delivery of their supports and services.

Feedback & Complaints: When a person wants to make a complaint, the service provider will make sure the person’s views are respected, that they are informed as the complaint is dealt with, and have the opportunity to be involved in the resolution process.

Service Access: Each person is assisted to access the supports and services they need to live the life they choose.

Service Management: Service providers are well managed and have strong and effective governance to deliver positive outcomes for the people they support

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