Creativity Inc and Northcott Integration

Creativity Inc and Northcott Integration

Creativity Inc (CI) became part of the Northcott family in late January 2020. Over the course of the year, we have been working to integrate CI’s customers, staff, systems and processes with Northcott’s operations. The final stage of this integration into Northcott is now under way and will be completed on 21 November 2020.

While this means that the business name ‘Creativity Inc’ will no longer exist from this date onwards, if you are a Creativity Inc customer, the important thing for you to know is that there will be no interruptions to your services at any time.

However, the way that we support you will look a little bit different. The information below should help you to understand what is changing, what is staying the same and how Northcott will support you through the transition.

If, over the coming months, you have any questions, remember you can contact Creativity Inc. Contact details are at the bottom of this post.

Our focus remains on you, your goals and supporting you to live your best life. Our shared values and approach were key drivers in Northcott’s decision to work with CI.

What is changing?

  • Northcott will assign every CI customer with an Individual Plan Advisor (IPA). This will either be Shane Lumsden or Tim Saad. An IPA is your own personal account manager, there to support you as you navigate the Northcott world. Their job is to tackle the little things, so that you have more time to focus on the big things. They will make sure your services at Northcott are running smoothly, that you are kept up-to-date on how your plan funds are being spent, and will manage any plan changes you need.
  • From 21 November 2020, you will have a new Service Agreement with Northcott.
  • All Northcott services are organised by Coordinators, and instead of the Group Program Supervisors that CI has, Support Workers will assist customers on the day of the planned activity.
  • The current CI locations will be known as the Northcott Hillsdale and Northcott Rosebery offices/service centres.

What stays the same?

  • You will still receive your services from the Support Workers that you know and feel comfortable with.
  • Our focus remains on you, your goals and supporting you to live your best life. Our shared values and approach were key drivers in Northcott’s decision to work with CI.

What will happen next:

Over the next few weeks (between 7 September and 23 October) you will be contacted by your Individual Plan Adviser (IPA).

You will also be sent a Northcott Service Agreement. To continue with your services, you will be required to provide written or verbal consent. Note, that Northcott call the Schedule of Support, “Fees and Charges”.  When you sign your new Northcott Service Agreement you will receive a Product Disclosure Statement for each service you purchase – this will clearly explain all terms and conditions.


Will the location of services change?

There will be no changes to the centre locations or operating times. All services will continue to operate from Hillsdale and Rosebery. Office staff will work from Level 1, 264 Bunnerong Road Hillsdale

What services will Northcott offer?

Northcott offers a wide range of services. Your current Creativity Inc services will continue as they do now, but will be known by the Northcott product names:

CI service
Northcott product
Day Programs Everyday Life Skills (ELS)
1:1 Respite In Home and Community supports*(IHC)
Weekend and Social groups Short Breaks and Outings (SBO)
Camps Short Breaks and Outings (SBO)
Holiday Programs Short Breaks and Outings (SBO)


*Northcott In Home and Community support services are available 365 days a year.

Groups services take a short break over the Christmas/New Year period. Services will finish at the end of the day on Thursday 24 December and recommence on Monday 4 January.

Being a part of Northcott provides you with opportunities to access new services such as Therapy, Short Stays (centre based respite) and Vocational Skills (employment services). Visit the Northcott website or talk to your Individual Plan Advisor (IPA) for more information.

How do I re-sign with Northcott to continue to receive Support Coordination?

Your current support coordinators will continue to support you.  Cara Derepas or Sarah Benton will contact you to sign a new Support Coordination service agreement.

 Who do I contact about my services and other enquiries I have after 21 November?

From 21 November, the Northcott Customer Service Team (CST) will be available to take your calls

The team are available to assist you:

  • Monday – Friday from 8am – 8pm
  • Saturday – Sunday from 8am – 4pm

You can contact them on 1800 818 286 or via email at

Some of the things you can contact our Customer Service team for:

  • To schedule, reschedule or change a service
  • To be transferred to your Individual Plan Advisor or Operations Coordinators (during normal business hours)
  • Any finance enquiries
  • Any general enquiries
  • To provide feedback
  • To cancel a service

By contacting the Customer Service Team you now have access to extended cancellation periods. We still require 2 business days notice, however, because the customer service team operates on weekends you will be able to notify us e.g. on a Saturday for a service scheduled on Tuesday.

Will I need to pay activity costs?

Yes, as you do now you will need to pay out of pocket expenses for entry fees /activity fees. You will be invoiced for these costs via email at the end of each month.

Do I have to pay for staff kilometres (km) if a staff member uses their own car during shift?

Yes, you will. You will discuss travel requirements with your IPA and this will be calculated and quoted for you. You will agree on how many km staff can claim per rostered shift. These km charges can be claimed from your core funding of your NDIS plan.

How will staff be rostered to support me?

Your IPA will confirm all of your support needs and service preferences. Regular workers and preferences will be recorded in our system for In Home and Community supports.

At Northcott we forward roster our regular services for the year to ensure you are always matched with your preferred worker. This means you will no longer receive a monthly roster outlining which staff will attend.

The Customer Service Team will roster staff using your preferences and the supports you have agreed to. If there are any changes to your roster, because the worker is unavailable, the Customer Service Team will contact you directly to notify you of the changes.

If you would like to be sent a summary of your services and rostered staff, you can contact the Customer Service Team and have this provided on an individual basis.

How will I track my goals?

Northcott captures and tracks your goals, strategies and staff shift notes through a system called Carelink. We will no longer use GOMS (Goals Objective Management System), however, your Individual Plan Advisor or Operations Coordinator will regularly check in with you and record how you are tracking towards your goals. You will receive a progress report prior to your next NDIS planning meeting. At Northcott we refer to this as your End of Plan review. You will no longer be charged for your progress report, this is something your Northcott Individual Plan Advisor will complete for you.

How do I hear about updates from Northcott?

From time to time Northcott may email and or text regular messages or updates to you on your preferred contact method/phone number.

The Northcott website news and events page is regularly updated.

We will no longer use e-marketing or Form Space to advise you of program offerings. Operations Coordinators will email you a copy of your Activity Calendars directly to your email.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Creativity Inc at

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