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Creativity Inc’s services are highly dynamic, innovative and diverse. Services are delivered through the following areas:


Individual respite

Creativity Inc’s Individual Respite team provides flexible respite to families/carers of people aged 0 – 65 years.

Respite is provided by a paid support worker who works directly with the person with a disability either in the community or the individual's home.

Out of school care

Creativity Inc’s Out of School Care team provides after school care and holiday program activities to children and teenagers with a disability.

There are currently two after school care programs for teenagers and children as well as nine holiday program groups.


Weekend activities

Creativity Inc’s Weekend Activities team coordinates group recreational, social and peer support programs for children, teenagers and adults. Programs take place on Fridays and over the weekend.

Programs are either community based or run from one of Creativity Inc’s centres at Hillsdale and Rosebery.

Adult group programs

Running Monday to Friday each week, Creativity Inc provides a range of group programs for adults based upon their interests and abilities.

Importantly, even though the programs are group based, we work to ensure that individual choice, preferences and goals are taken into account when we put people together and when we are planning our activities.

Our group programs are run in the community or at our Rosebery or Hillsdale properties dependent upon need, preferences, opportunity and (sometimes) weather.



Each year Creativity Inc runs camps for teenagers and adults.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Services

Our Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Carer’s Support Group meets every second month to share a meal and a good yarn. New comers are always welcome.

Creativity Inc’s services are open to one and all. Maxine Ryan, our Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Maxine works every Wednesday and can be contacted on (02) 9311 9200.


Tailored services

At Creativity Inc we recognise that sometimes people just want to do their own thing! If that is you, why not talk about what things you would like to do and how we might be able to help make that happen for you. Remember, it’s your choice!

Autism specific services

In 2017 are we launching two new Autism specific services:


1. Rapid Prompting Method (RPM)

For most people, listening to information, understanding it, preparing a response and utilising the necessary muscles to communicate that response is a subconscious, reflexive process. But for someone with severe autism, this same process can be a convoluted task where it is extremely difficult to process the sensory information with which they easily become overloaded. Thus, to focus on hearing and seeing, to formulate an appropriate response, and then to complete the motor planning necessary to give that response requires tremendous effort and initiative.

With the Rapid Prompting Method, the teacher matches their pace to the student's speed of self-stimulatory behavior, while continually speaking and requesting student responses, in order to keep the student on task and focused on the lesson at hand. RPM uses a "Teach-Ask" paradigm for eliciting responses through intensive verbal, auditory, visual and/or tactile prompts.

If you would like to know more about this new service, please contact us here or call the office to speak to our RPM teacher, Greg Padoa, on 02 9311 9200.


2. EarlyBird

From July 2017, Creativity Inc will be delivering a new service under license from the UK’s National Autistic Society called Earlybird.

The Earlybird program is for families of a pre-school aged child with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

EarlyBird is a three-month autism-specific program which combines group training sessions for parents with individual home visits when video feedback is used to help parents apply what they learn, whilst working with their child.

Parents have a weekly commitment - to a 2.5 hour training session or a home visit, and to ongoing work with their child at home - during the three month program. Two parents (or carers) from each family may attend during this time.

The EarlyBird Program works with six families at a time and encourages parents to share ideas and to grow in confidence.

The EarlyBird Program aims:

  • to support parents in the period between diagnosis and school placement.
  • to empower parents and help them facilitate their child's social communication and
    appropriate behaviour within the child's natural environment.
  • to help parents establish good practice in handling their child at an early age so as
    to pre-empt the development of inappropriate behaviours

If you would like to know more about EarlyBird or would like to pre-register your interest, please contact us here.

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